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Caronavirus. Self help.

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Unity Submitted on the 2020/04/02 12:41:35
By: UnityUnity is offline
Location : South Africa
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So I want to pose a few topics.
Please keep in mind I am a housewife and proud of my home.

All of a sudden one can't find jik,domestos or even detol in stores. Really... that is part of my monthly shopping. Lucky when I used to see items on sale I would top up.
So no panic buying for me. Hand sanitizers really I been making my own for the past 35 years.
People people people... you must wipe door handles and and and... really... isn't that part of cleaning your home.
Oh and the best of all is washing your fruits and veggies, really really... this is madness. I taught my children to this from small thankfully they practice this as well in their own homes. And teach their children to do the same.
Oh and what about rinsing off meat before you cook it. Does anyone actually see how meat is treated before landing up in those fancy packets?
And all these years people have been laughing at me.
Not for one minute do I think that I am immune to getting ill. I know it is possible I don't live in a glass tank.
But if I keep washing my hands, wiping off my shopping before storing, washing my fruits veg and meats. And keep on wiping surfaces, I am sure I am on the right track.
I have my going out shoes in an area I know I walk past before leaving the house, I don't wear outside shoes indoor and visa versa.
Hubby and I have made our own masks, rather fancy different colors to match our clothing. Washable and cheap to make.
I always have hand cleaner and wet wipes in our car, so do both my children.
I am doing what I normally do. Now to out wait this...
I avoid watching the news all day and all night. I still live the same way.
Feed my pets, tend to the house, watch movies or nap.

will be adding in different thoughts I am going through while hubby sits in his office at home working longer hours than he does when he goes into the office.

Keep safe
Stay home
Keep warm

It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.

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