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Gremlins Infamous Chilli Sauce..


What makes this chilli sauce special and different?

Well for starters it’s 100% natural, No preservatives, Colorants or artificial flavourings. The chillies are home grown, and there are no pesticides used. All ingredients are carefully selected so that you always get the finest flavour, and Best Chilli fire.

What makes a good chilli sauce?

Personally, a chilli sauce that burns every bit of your mouth and prevents you from actually tasting the food is no good, However a chilli that delivers a little fire throughout the mouth, over a period of time is ideal.

Why blend with tomatoes?

Well, we are not trying to make another Tobasco chilli sauce, but rather something a little more subtle, and easy to add to every meal.

This means that we need to blend down the volume of chilli with something that will not compete or take from the flavour of the chilli. But also something that will add some body to the sauce. Tomatoes are the favourite ingredients in almost any sauce. (Hmm okay, the original recipe I used to start making this sauce called for tomatoes, so that was it.)

Okay so you also want to try your hand at making this sauce. No problem, the original recipe that I started with is on this blog post, Ahh, don’t think I will divulge my current recipe.


The only preservative used is vinegar (acetic acid), as it is natural and does not have the side effects that most other popular preservatives have. At the same time the acetic acid partakes in the fermentation of the chillis

Different Batches?

While every effort is made to have comparable flavoured sauces, we can’t always use the same quantity of each type of chilli resulting in slight variations in flavour and colour. Often some chilli’s are hotter or cooler depending on the season and time of picking, resulting in slightly different levels of heat and colour across each batch.

Tomatoes are also seasonal, and each variety of tomato has a slightly different flavour.

Aged sauce?

Because of the selection of ingredients in the chilli sauce, as it ages the chilli starts to ferment in the sauce, which results in a hotter, fuller chilli flavour.

Although there is a best before date on the bottle, the sauce can last several years if stored correctly. Although in storage the sauce will still naturally ferment. Personally I’ve tested the storage of a sealed sauce in a refrigerator for over two years with very good results.

More Info

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